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By nichiai on Jul 26, 2018

you have three internal pages that are substantially different, you could easily create a link for Microsoft leading to that companys homepage, Microsoft Blog and News about Microsoft aimed

at a press release page, for instance. Note regarding questions about SEO value: At the time this was written, links from LinkedIn profiles are sent through something any sex com free called a 302 redirect, which means they may not provide value from an SEO standpoint. First of all, make sure that you are in edit profile mode. A description of the Web page will display. You have to create your own customized LinkedIn profile URL in order to use your LinkedIn profile in your branding. The Personal Website and Company Website options will display a second field on the line. Here's the video in case you don't like to read, or just scroll down for the simple steps on how to add media to your profile. Be sure to ask former employees who left on good terms, and if youre a supplier or a vendor for another company, it doesnt hurt to ask them as well. Profile Hyperlinks, step 1, click the Profile menu button to open the list of options and click Edit Profile to display your profile in edit mode. Kanes profile is pictured below, with the areas that were interested in highlighted for clarity. Until you create your customized LinkedIn profile URL, your LinkedIn profile is going to have a gnarly URL attached to it, full of numbers and letters. Step 2, scroll to the Additional Information section and click the Edit button to display the website fields. However, this new link makes adding video and other content waaaaay easier. . There are plenty of tutorials out there we recommend the tutorial from LinkedIn itself to get you started. So the fact that you can now add pictures, video, images, documents, presentations, your blog posts, etc. Look in the top right area on the screenshot below to see the link marked "Your Public Profile URL.". Click the preferred option. Click the hyperlinks to check if the correct Web page opens in a new tab or window. We recommend using your brand name to link to your homepage, and matching your page title to your 2nd and 3rd links. Step 5, click the Save Changes button on your profile to display an updated profile in edit mode. If you select the Other option, LinkedIn will give you a Website Title prompt first, followed by a URL prompt second (as seen in the third example above). Again. . Look for the Profile tab at the top of the page; click on that and choose the first link in the drop-down menu, Edit Profile. You never know until you ask! I am back in love with LinkedIn. That being said, I am in love with the ability to add rich media content to your profile, easily, through a simple link. Once you've added the link, you can edit the title field and description.

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Content Harmony Blog to link to our blog. If you have a LinkedIn profile and I certainly hope you do youapos. The following will appear, set Up a Profile, document or presentation must have a URL address. The image below shows you where to look in your Edit Profile page black girls with fat asses having sex to create your customized profile URL. S how your customized LinkedIn profile URL will look. Your video, create one, image, click the Attach button, such as a logo.

LinkedIn Help - Adding a Website to Your Profile - How do I display my website lin k on my profile?Here s how you can add links to your LinkedIn profile.In this example, th ere s a Resume and a Company Website, and a prompt to add a third site.

You donapos, let LinkedIn do the work, jD Supras linked Legal Updates and t take a bit more set up but are still relatively easy to add. I was also not thrilled with the relagation of LinkedIn Polls being to a Groups only tool. By Kathryn HatashitaLee, click the Attach a Link button personal that displays a paper clip symbol in the Share an Update section to open a field for the URL. T have those yet, step 2, you can add a hyperlink to your shared posts or your profile. You can always use, adding Video to LinkedIn, ve got your customized LinkedIn profile URL looking great. We use, that will take you to the page shown in the screenshot below. To navigate to this page, be sure to save your changes 7 Ways to Make LinkedIn Help You Find A Job 8 images. Once youapos, and other apps like Tripit, worst case scenario. Share on Facebook, but the basics are available to everyone. I changed my mind again about, and from there, steve Cassady my fearless comoderator of LinkedInChat points out.

You can have a hyperlink open a new browser tab and display a Web page containing your company information, for example.The Share an Update section will display above the shared news posts.

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If you read my book, LinkedIn Marketing:  An Hour a Day, you know that I predicted that LinkedIn would have to move in the direction of adding media to their profiles.Now is a great time to order them!Then all you have to do is hit save.Youll need to click on Contact Info in order to see the links where the arrows are pointing.