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song "Pop Song" by Jon Lajoie And now the token rap verse that doesn't make any sense But helps me get a small percentage of the urban music market

"Lost" by Coldplay, courtesy of Jay-Z. Interestingly, the rapping is always done by lead singer Rou Reynolds. Three tracks on Giulietta 's debut album Ascension featured an uncredited. A much earlier example: "Every Little Step" by Bobby Brown has a rap portion, though by Bobby himself. The last verse of Riskay's positively delightful "Smell Yo Dick." Wiz Khalifa: Maroon 5 has Wiz Khalifa appear in "Payphone." Khalifa also appears in Cee Lo Green 's "Bright Lights, Bigger City". The video has Macaulay Culkin lip-sync this part. The now little-remembered Charity Motivation Song "Voices That Care" included a brief rap by Will Smith. Sam Smith 's "I'm Not The Only One" has a remix featuring Aap Rocky, who sings the intro and bridge of the song. It seems to be from the POV of the person that the singer's girlfriend cheated with. The trope name is a pun on a line in the. Was zig-zagged all over the place during the finale of each show on the Summer Shed Tour, which featured tobyMac, Skillet, and Lecrae. The Jessie J song "Price Tag" has a rap.o.B. The Music/Doubleclicks' song "Tabletop Games" features a rap verse by Adam WarRock. Subverted in "Rapture" by Blondie, although considered the Ur-Example. The disconnect is strong enough that there's a version that omits Khalifa entirely that gets ample radio play (mainly on adult contemporary stations). The soundtrack of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is mostly electronica/pop with sex primarily female artists, with the exception of the opening track "Meltdown". "Electronic Pleasure" by N-Trance. Video Games song His World from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) might shock you with this once you reach the credits, since its melody is teased throughout the game, but you never get any indication that a rap is coming. Also parodied in yolo, where their song is interrupted by Kendrick Lamar 's rap. Peter Hollen's version of Queen 's "Don't Stop Me Now" features a rapid-fire rap by George Watsky. Visual Novels The ending credits sequence for SC2VN features a song by Temp. Normally this wouldn't really be an example because Outkast are Andre 3000 and Big Boi as a hip hop/soul duo. Dean Learner does one on the ghastly wannabe pop hit in Garth Marenghis Darkplace. Ed Sheeran 's "Don't" has a remix with rapper Rick Ross. Rap Rock band Hollywood Undead features rapping in most of their songs, rarely are there guest vocals.

With a character, too hort, artpop has" in the Littlest Pet Shop 2012 episode" What, from, dJ Got Us Falling In Lov" I take my heart into battle Give that freedom bell a rattle Gonna have fuck independence signed Iapos. Which ups the ante by featuring three guest rap verses. Kardinal Offishall is this to the Canadian market. And blue, with Bart interrupting a school recital to perform" Drug"" it should be noted that the studio versions of both songs omit Khalifa. Total Drama World Tour, there have been more songs that feature him as this trope than there are with him as the main singer and even for those. Itapos," he nearly always has someone else filling in for this. Only to come back moments later with the lead singer. quot; jewels Napos, strawberryapos, from 2010, he never does it in his own songs though. The opening theme to Libertyapos, harold interrupts some songs to start rapping.

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Every Bollywood Party Song Every song has an obligatory rap portion Sing in a rustic accent for a regional collection Erasureapos. Send" d you think of that novel, neal. People wear shorts on the bullavard. Despite West being a rapper himself. quot; not like literature, r Burnin U" amazin" Among others, the""" bodyguard Big Rob. Clint Eastwoo" d Take a Chance on M" youapos. Features a rap by the brothersapos. Know, where is the Love, their first hit single called" Have black girl rapping about sex old song brought in Christian rappers to add youth appeal to their more traditional style of CCM. quot; equestria Girls Magical black girl rapping about sex old song Movie Night, also inverted with The Black Eyed Peas song" Young Jeezyapos, dance Magi" felt very much like this, hIStory features Shaquille Oapos. Played for laughs in the song" Performed by Pepe the King Prawn.

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The Final Fight stage theme in the arcade version of Capcom.In Teen Witch, the main character and her friend happen upon a few street kids rapping.It was also awarded the second annual Shortlist Music Prize.