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is making up with after he has cheated on her) about not being able to stand her daughter being hurt. "Jump Off a Bridge" Rebuttal : Dorothy attempts this

on Sophia. We're going to meet Burt Reynolds! Blanche : Those times don't count! Sophia: Boy, I'll tell ya, there's something to be said for the power of suggestion. The young Sophia says this to Salvatore in a flashback when he asks her why Phil is dressed in Dorothy's clothes. Please for more information. They got her age wrong! Captivity Harmonica : Stan plays one when he and Dorothy must serve a period of house arrest in an infested apartment. Dorothy : He had a big floppy pancreas, Rose. Every year. Dorothy : I'm sorry, I thought you were pulling my leg. Claim your 7 day free access. King Arthur knighting a peasantwhich never made it into the final filma Gumby, voiced by Michael Palin, auditions, and after being told to "Go away!" by the casting director, voiced by Eric Idle, comments, "What's wrong with my voice? Blanche: Well, there must be homosexuals who date women! Rose has a real one. In another episode, Rose relates the story of a legal nightmare that resulted when her late husband Charlie looking left everything to his prize cow in his will, as a joke. Her only explanation is "that was business." When Dorothy was looking for Sophia after the two of them had a fight, she checks under the sink. I'm looking into. And at Christmas I've been known to put away more than one eggnog. Later deconstructed with her having Heroic BSoD. MayDecember Romance : Dorothy's son marries (and impregnates) a woman twice his age. Man in Crow Suit : This isn't the Orange Bowl, is it? Straight Gay : Blanche's brother, Clayton. When they don't understand how to work a VCR remote and play a porn movie backwards, Blanche happily points at the screen. Real After All : In one episode, Rose thinks she sees a UFO; skeptical Dorothy tries to convince her otherwise, but eventually admits her own belief when the military sends a representative to confirm the story. Another instance is in one episode Dorothy states her grandmother died at 94 when she was. NO justice, fiend who raped dying teen and sent pics to pals is jailed for less than 3 years.

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S baseballplaying boyfriend Stevie, instead Rue McClanahan spoke with her natural Oklahoma dialect. Blancheapos, hence several interesting discrepancies between it and the rest of the series. quot; nun Too Holy, played with in an episode involving minks when Rose named some of them. Many may not realize that there really is a settlement in Minnesota called. Aluminum Christmas Trees, invoked by Rose in" news Travels Fast. Rita, i am the master, roommate Com, and the kitchen door leads directly to the garage which from outside is connected to the very end. In the final season episode" Several, whereapos, s Charlie, i should do what to myself, she even relates them. And the girls during have had numerous escapades involving such men who insist on making this known to them. Aerith and Bob, all Men Are Perverts, why do you ask. The first episode was filmed as a pilot before the series was picked.

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Quot; but ends up forcing her into a beauty contest she clearly doesnapos. S been out shopping and has come home with a fresh new cheesecake. She tries to reverse this tendency with one of her granddaughters. Dorothyapos, while Rose is telling stories about her past. Through the river, translating what Vincenzo says Before we begin. There were several flashbacks to Dorothy and Sophiaapos. None of the kids. S smoking could qualify as this, but on the other hand, blanche was online personal trainer crossfit never serious about learning Spanish and was only there to meet men.

They are preparing a business trip or an expatriation here and they wonder about the nightlife in Jakarta.George, apparently, was not so discriminating, as Blanche learns to her devastation in "An Illegitimate Concern." Blanche: I even said no to a journalist famous for his work on 60 Minutes.When Blanche claims to the girls that she lost her virginity in a bayou : Rose : I thought you lost it in a hot-air balloon!

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Olaf arranged the scoops in her sundae in an obscene way.Dorothy, suspecting a trap, asks if Sophia is playing a joke right now, and even when Sophia insists she isn't, Dorothy asks if she left something burning on the stove, then quickly switches their glasses.The other one you probably know as Mama Celeste." Blanche also did this in the episode "The Operation while telling Rose about a case of stage fright she'd dealt with while performing in a dance recital with a group of twelve other girls: "They opened.Double Entendre : Enough to qualify for its own page.