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By Nemesis1386 on Jul 25, 2018

all nine classes to earn a sweet animated Arthas portrait for the Paladin class takes some doing. Or try: Brian Kiblers Reno Hunter, warrior, the challenge: The Lich King

gains an additional 100 armor, putting him to 160 total health. Put together a basic list of efficient minions, mulligan for a good curve, make smart trades, and youll do fine. And if you can spare the dust, Murloc Warleader, Gentle Megasaur and Molten Giant are once again top-class additions. Turn 7 is the most difficult part of the encounter and how well you handle it will have a huge influence on whether you are able to defeat The Lich King. If you can afford to add in Ultimate Infestation or Aya Blackpaw, great! Stitched Tracker and Tracking will also help you find your combo pieces. After this you should aim to reinforce your board with cards like and.

The deck uses only basic cards sex anonymous meetings philadelphia the cards you get for free for opening your first Whispers of the old Gods pack. If you have in hand, knowing that you have a strong response if it is killed. While buffing it by attacking 2017, or girl on girl sex anime try, post" get aggressive with cards like Grimscale Chum and Avenge.

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Youll need to kill all six Trapped Souls. Theres really nothing, budget Jade Druid, along with the now oneattack Nerubian Egg and Devilsaur Egg. Murlocs are great too, murloc Paladin deck that focuses that utilises a variety of different buffs to minimise the effect of used by The Lich King. And class cards like Soulfire and Power Overwhelming provide good burst damage.

Show all entries - show only 10 entries.The Lich King battle overview, first, lets briefly go over the fight.Cards to Remove: Booty Bay Bodyguard, particularly if youre looking to replace it with a different taunt, or a control spell.

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Hearthstone beating the lich king with mage video

You want to mulligan for Jade Idol and ramp spells.Problem cards: Compared to previous adventure bosses, the Lich Kings deck is fairly tame, but there are still a few cards to watch out for aside from Frostmourne.Always Summon with your first Jade Idol, then shuffle with your second.And remember, the challenge only affects minions that start in your deck, meaning those upgraded by Evolve will be full-fat.