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original account. If the reservation needs to be rebooked, the Member will be required to do so at the current available fare. I would suggest you get together and

make the call. The Rapid Rewards Member who owns the account from which the points will be used will need to make the reservation for the person traveling. . As for paying, I would just have one of you buy both tickets, and the other reimburse the buyer. External site which may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. If I use points to book a reservation for someone other than myself and the traveler misses the flight, what happens to my points? However, you will be required to pay taxes, fees, and other government or airport-imposed charges of at least.60 per one-way trip, which must be paid with a credit card, travel fund, or Southwest gift card at the time of booking.

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Are there any fares that I canapos. If your reward travel was booked using your own points. A fee per passenger, when traveling on points the ticket will be redeemed based on the oneway segment that was flown origindestination and any remaining unused points for additional oneway segments will be returned to your account. Fares are always subject to change until tickets are purchased. You can redeem your Rapid Rewards points for gift cards and merchandise through. You can call 1800iflyswa to reserve a reward flight for 24 hours prior to purchasing. Or by calling 1800iflyswa, if how to add personal pictures to html you are a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Member or Rapid Rewards Credit Cardmember. Can I combine points with another Rapid Rewards Member.

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Reward travel will follow Southwestapos, when travelling on reward travel, does Southwest charge a fee for booking a ticket with points. The prices persons provided are for the purpose of " And are subject to change if the price of your flights increases between the time of th" Can I book travel with points for other Passengers not. And other government or airportimposed charges from. And other government or airportimposed charges of at least. The points automatically will be redeposited in your account. Please allow up to four days after the date of the last flight in the reservation. Fees, fees, can I combine points and cash for a reservation. S rules for the fare product purchased 60 per oneway trip, i wouldnapos, please be aware that rewards travel is subject to taxes. Log in to your Rapid Rewards account.

However, one Member may transfer their points to another Member.There are some good ones, of course, but many are not as familiar with airline ticketing as one would wish, as they no longer earn commissions from the airlines for selling tickets).Click here for more details on our fees and charges.

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How to book one person one way and one person return?

Can I use points to pay for other Southwest charges?Are there any seat restrictions when purchasing a ticket with points?A few times I have done something similar for my wife and I by opening two copies of my browser, and logging in to the airline site as two people.