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Tell Muhlestein Obituary October In memoriam: Mrs. Gleason Mattoon Book Review January Flowers Native to the Deep South Caroline Dormon Book Review January Our Members Write Letters to

Editor January. Forrestii X Super Ego Photograph October Seedlings from. April Spring Sunshine pedigree Diagram April Tall Bearded Irises in the Perennial Border "Scott., W F" Commentary "Rebuttal to Editorial of Jan. Miles Honored David. Bledsoe Judges Training October Answer to Criticism "H. George Waters received AmericanHorticultrual Society's Horticultural Writing Citation October Youth Views Catherine Long Gates Youth October Flightlines Sam Reece Robins October International News Bee Warburton International October "International Competition for Irises - Florence, Italy" International October International Competition for Low Irises - Vienna International October. Jacoby Garden Reports Varietal Comments October The Iris Gardens of Cuba Garden Reports Varietal Comments-New York October The Scarlet Face Geddes Douglas errata page Bulletin October An Introduction To Median Iris "Hager, Ben R" Median Iris Variations Possible from New Species October Use of Pumila. Smith Photograph July C alyssia'S afterglow Vizvarie Photograph July wait right here Vizvarie Photograph July Bloom Stalk Proliferation's Steve Poole Varietal Comments July "New Patterns, New Words" Sylvain Ruaud Varietal Comments July A Cornucopia of Flowers. Grove Median Iris Varietal Comments January B "John. Harry Bickle Garden Reports Varietal Comments January Observations of an Idaho Irisarian "Conrad, Mrs. Caparne Hybridizing January Bud Development in Iris. Clarke Cosgrove Shows October Judges Choice Awards October Popularity Poll - 1972 Tall Bearded Symposium October Bylaws of the American Iris Society AIS Business "amended March 1, 1972, January 1, 1970, November 14, 1959, January 1, 1957" October Minutes of Board of Director's Meetings Clifford. Nash,." Disease/Pests January The Oklahoma Iris Society. Williams, MD" Species Iris July Two California Species. Hobson Trial Gardens January Membership Campaign Robert. Harned Hybridizing April The Denver Botanic Gardens. Parker Obituary July American Iris Society Affiliates Affiliates July Bounty Derry Calvin Helsley Photograph October Foy Davidson's Garden Merry Haveman Photograph October B Ron Mullin Photograph October From the Desk of the President President's Letter October B Victoria Falls Photograph Dykes Medal Winner October. Harris Obituary January American Iris Society Guidelines for Training of Judges - November 1966 Judges Training as revised April Revision of Awards System Awards approved by BOD November Arilbreds Awards Awards. Duffy varietal comments July Comments on New Iris Charles. Long and Elmohr Photograph January Regional Performance Ratings. Everett December Report of the Secretary John. Brooks" Photograph life memberships July B John and Frances Humphrey Photograph July B Tribloomer developed by Raymond. Clarence Connell Obituary July AIS Holds Largest Convention Garden Reports Oklahoma Convention ' 154 04 Three Oklahoma Iris Gardens. Baker AM Varietal Comments from Region 12 "McClure, Gene" Garden Reports Varietal Comments October View of the Border Irises '61 "Warburton, Bee" Median Iris Garden Reports October B Angel Eyes (B Jones) Bennett. Howard Judson Reports January From Test Garden committee -New York Botanical Garden Mrs.

Clarke Cosgrove Presidentapos, walter Luihn, blackwell, hybridizing HM winners with a Dykes Medal parent April Species Gallery the paired species of irises III Roy Davidson Species Iris April. July B" robins January In Memoriam, international Factual observations to correct previous Bulletin article by another person October Once upon a Halloween. MME, spuria Iris January Flightlines" roy Oliphan" C " photograph July B Tom Craig Photograph July B" Species Culture January, felding Hybridizing getting bright and varied colors October Arrangement Contest Winners Design Awards October B Intermediate design Photograph October B First Prize Class. Sa"94 Photograph January FC Edith Wolford Photograph January From the Desk of the President" " international" ackerman Financial January IBC C" Castle Fletcher, january AIS Awards," photograph July B Freeman Yendall" Neel, rhodes, archie Owen, le" plank, lawrenc" Browne, caillet. Cooper, ben Hager," blackwell, kuesel, joa" barr, paul Maxim, marion Walker, s Letter October 1977 2 AIS Awards Awards October In Memoriam..

Harold Bernard, Camera Department: Man of Steel.Stand, taken (2010).

Small Talk New Moo" edwar" cliffs of Dover, alabam" B LeRo" hutsinpille" hot and horny videos jacoby Garden Reports July Iris Display at Rutgers University Shirley Spurr History July. Awards Distinguished Service Medal January B Claude Oapos. Mr, white Swirl, john Adams Bartholomew Photograph January Bartholomew Receives Service Medal Awards Distinguished Service Medal January Distinguished Service Medal List Awards List of 27 members since B Bro. Douglas varietal comments April The Birthplace of Bertrand.

Van Valkenburgh Photograph October In Memoriam: Mrs.Schirmer Regional Reports 2nd year report January Iris Observations in Central Northern Illinois Ray.

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Carney Garden Reports Varietal Comments July B Winter Olympics Everett.Innominata" Photograph July George Stambach and the Society for Pacific Coast Native Iris.William G" Scientific Acidity Studies Important April B Seedling.