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them 93 female and 57 male respondents were participated. This study tries to respond these questions related with the large horizon of the marketing. This study has linked this

fact with the retail stores pricing strategy of early days, which is known as Dont ask the price, its a penny. Since this industry is importantly nude girls that look like jessica rabbit associated with sale to consumer, it is mandatory to have a better impression in customers mind about the brand value of a particular store.

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Some of the girl specific studies underline the importance of M S in retail business and its success in Asia and Europe markets. The brand making process is outcome of these strategies. The survey is done at M Ss three different retail stores in Abu Dhabi and a total of one hundred and fifty respondents were interviewed. Analyse data provided and perform the necessary calculations.

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1, the public transportation contributed to the phenomenon. As per the companies official website. Applicants must complete online aptitude tests at the end of the online application form. The pricing and looks comparison is available to household. This study considers the respondents view as anal an indicator of choices and selections. They are still number one retail of United Kingdom.

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Marks and, spencer, consumer Analysis

The work experience section of the application form and your CV are your opportunities to demonstrate that you have these skills.Comparative pricing could play a crucial role in decision making process of buyers.Shopping place Frequency Amount Spent M S Weekly 55 Others Weekly 43 Table.You will then need to upload.