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three primary aims, to: give you the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to manage your own money well provide an introduction to the social sciences, especially economics, relating them

to the real world in which we live gently build and practise your. We are always on the lookout for information, instruction and courses which we feel would be of help in economically empowering our members. The choices households and society face about caring for the elderly. The way different pensions work and what that means for the choices you make and the risks you run. The study weeks are arranged in pairs with each pair devoted to a different topic. What influences pay, including worker power and gender issues. Why low-risk products promising amazing returns simply dont exist. This course examines the state of the UK financial industry in the aftermath, how the industry has changed from structure to regulation and, most personal finance courses online free uk importantly, how the industry is now working for you as a consumer. How to identify the best ways to borrow and be aware of hidden costs. Income, taxation and benefits. The financial services industry its origins and development in the. The spectrum of personal investments. You and your money, an important aspect of personal finance is the way in which individuals and households manage their debt, how much it costs and the different types. Managing My Money, with hous ehold budgets under pressure in recent years, there has never been personal finance courses online free uk a better time to improve your personal finance skills. Some can find enough cash from their operations.

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For example, with strategies for managing stockmarket risk. Are you investing money for the fucking future or do you find the array of investment products available baffling. Youll consolidate your learning through a rich mixture of video. How the tax and benefits system affects your income and can be used to relieve poverty and reduce inequality. See how much youd need to save to reach a goal. Expenditure and budgeting, choosing the right products for different types of goals. And explore your options for building.

Most popular from, personal Finance.Managing my money for young adults.

Online, how do you manage your savings free and investments. In small teams with your fellow students. Sweden, study method, duration 4 Weeks, managing My Financial Journey.

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Learn: You and your money more.In the light of the previous weeks, what does it mean to be financially capable?Managing My Money practical guidance to develop your personal finance skills.

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