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Italy. She started taking lessons when she was 29 and pregnant with her first child. The 24-year-old from Amsterdam, who has been an airline pilot for three years, has

shared snaps of her taking in the ancient ruins of Agrigento, Italy, stepping out of a car in Dubai and watching a plane take off overhead. Yet stuns in sexy evening outfit. Lets end this post on hot female pilots with Russian aerobatic pilot Svetlana Kapanina. You can read more about Maria's journey to becoming a pilot on her website. Discovering the world, either on the job or in my free time is the best she added. Angelina Jolie started taking flying lessons in 2004 because she wanted to impress her son, Maddox, who gets excited whenever he sees an airplane. Kate Moran, chances youll get a date: About as good as it gets because shes young and just starting her career. Parker is the kind of adventurous woman who learned to fly before she even had a drivers license. Media Drum World 13, the Dutch pilot flies Boeing 737 jets. Media Drum World 13, lindy taking in the ancient ruins of Agrigento, Italy. Although the image of her hurtling towards the ground is hotter than any scene from the Tomb Raider movies. Besides that, I have always loved photography and Instagram is a great platform for that. Moran got her first job flying commercial planes at 25 after graduating from the University of Leeds Aviation Technology program and finishing additional training in Spain. Jackie Parkers life has been full of firsts. But it's not just her loved ones that enjoy Maria's sexy snaps - she's managed to clock up more than a 130,000 followers on her. Astronauts undergo strict physical training. Maybe a little weird at times, but a definite beauty. Jolie owns a Cirrus SR22 Generation Three. The actress said that if she learned how to fly, then shed be like Superman to her eldest son. She has received awards from Norman Schwarzkopf and Hillary Clinton. She even loves performing stunts that would make most people lose their cookies. Media Drum World 13, the blonde pilot making the most of her free time when she's not in the skies. Lindy flies a Boeing 717 and has visited 23 countries so far, keeping a record of her travels with a scratch map. According to Fox News, Angelina decided to study flying because it might come in handy during her humanitarian missions with the United Nations. Kate Moran isnt a celebrity in the usual sense. So what do you think of our list of hot female pilots? Want more celebrity pilots, check out our post.

Sexy female pilot

Also known, okay, as if that werent enough, she went on to become the first female Air Force pilot to become a test pilot through the training program at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Since then," still, she is the first female pilot to complete her training in Slovenia. Others show her posing next to a luxury car in Dubai. Feeling the power of the engines in your hands at takeoff. The woman has it all, the fact that she does not have arms because of a birth defect has not stopped her from earning a Pilot Certificate to fly an erco girl 415C Ercoupe. Put the looks back, getting to see the world from the sky.

Stunning female pilot, 24, becomes Instagram hit after sharing sexy pics of her globetrotting life Lindy Kats, who has been an airline pilot for three years, has amassed nearly 80,000 followers.Plus Size Service With A Smile.Sexy Pilot, womens Costume - 1X/2X - Black/Gold forny.

If looking you think the hottest women get painted for on the outsides of airplanes. Then its time for you to take a look in the cockpit. But alongside those, media Drum World 13, gisele Bundchen. You may not recognize Liu Yang.

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She once even landed an airplane completely blind after a bird smashed against her cockpits window.An occasional joke perhaps, but I'm not that easily offended and like to share a laugh with colleagues when the circumstances permit.Major Patricia Yapp Syau Yin of the Royal Malaysian Air Force is, according to the Malaysian Star Online, is Asias first MiG-29 female fighter pilot.

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58 Fly-As-Hell, photos Of Female Pilots

Pilot Lindy on Instagram, has amassed nearly 80,000 followers with her enviable lifestyle.Who of these badass girls is your favorite?The stunning Ryanair pilot, who now lives in Sicily, Italy, started the flight deck selfies so that her friends and family could see her everyday life at work.I always loved flying as a passenger but I thought it would be very difficult and expensive to become a pilot, said Lindy.