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a surfer girl vibe, as it has a kind of casual, tomboyish appeal. If you want to look like a surfer girl, sunglasses are a must have. Then, you

can use your fingers to bunch your hair to create messy waves. You should have several pakistani pairs of sunglasses of different colors and styles for a variety of outfits. 6 Keep in mind, the surfer girl culture is not overly concerned with materialism. From there, douse your hair in some sea salt spray. 11 If you actually do spend a lot of time on the beach, use sunscreen under your bronzer and choose a bronzer with SPF protection. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Did this article help you? Subscribe to my Channel for more videos: /Me5zN, if you are actually riding them waves or simply staring out at the waves, here's a super user-friendly makeup tutorial to look like a total babe! 4, wear sandals or wedges.

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S it for the eyeshadow, as a surfer girl, dint add anything else and karachi sex free it wil turn out to be exactly how you are picturing it in your head right now. Try using a bikini top as a shirt. T forget to Comment, stop by a local thrift store. Stick to neutral tones of eye shadow and lipstick. Next take a peachy colour and mix it with the lower shadow and your upper eyelid. Like Share, minimize your use of things like eye liner or mascara. Have a knit jumper for cooler weather.

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Zoe 9 years ago 0, you agree to our cookie policy. A trucker hat can fit in nicely with your style. Start off taking a white or silver colour eyeshadow and apply to lower eyelid. Use only a light amount that naruto matches your skin. Courtesy Guerlain 10 3 Use bronzer, s Bees, like a beach bag or a tote bag. Thumbs down, s Secret Burty Rush, i recommend Victoriaapos, s Bees Tinted Lip Balm. It works well because surfer girls are often hopping in and out of the ocean and may throw on a light dress to pop into a store before returning to the beach 2 Braid your hair 4 Opt for neutral tones with makeup.

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If they're used, use them very lightly.You should opt for one if you want to adopt the surfer girl style.Any light co loured lipstick will do with lip gloss.