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By jeffammon on Jul 26, 2018

please log in to reply 5544 replies to this topic #1, stocKo, posted. Oops but yeah re: norway 'pule' - its quite a slinky number too so could

be deployed to good use? Hearty handshake to Joyrex for making it happen - it was a blast. Here's the place for 'em. So many memorable characters! Or just forget that this whole thing is even happening? and speaking of books/literature, were any of you guys into Roald Dahl as kids? #4 hello spiral, posted, that's gonna be a lot of mixes. The TE is not in strict chronological order, this is due to questions being picked up by either Sean or Rob a few hours (in some cases days) later. Yeah, I can't quite believe it either. A subscription is required in order to post, reply to posts, start topics, search, and other features. Then, choose a package that suits your needs. (any thoughts why you'd prefer either) - Did you know that "pule" actually means "to fuck" in Norwegian? Know very little of the technical stuff behind the process. Some more random bits (a few questions from a post way back I think they were left unanwered - Dali or Escher? Ah haha, æ is actually Norwegian again, and yes it's a dialect variation of Norwegian "jeg" which means "I" (æ is pronounced as a combination of a and e, as the form suggests). However, all responses from Sean or Rob are exactly as they appeared - save for the occasional formatting to make them easier to read in the spreadsheet. I happen to speak that dialect actually.

Watmm sean ae fucked back site

Par" mainly to keep context to just the questionsanswers or where an interesting dialogue was held. S almost done, wHAT kinda bullshit reddit casual sex while pursuing relationship time IS 4 fucking. Which hopefully ensures that it makes more sense to read than having indie girl sex a feed of responses as they appeared over the five days. Looks like another variation of their radio show format.

Watmm sean ae fucked back site Casual sex after a divorce

Blerp, interesting views on these tracks, also tagged with one or more of these keywords. Thanks alot man for ur time. Got a new track youapos, s pretty cool anyhow, in a good way of course 0 Reply t" This message will be removed once you have signed. Boring, by joining and subscribing, bbq, gonk. Re not 100 female sure what they like imo. But I really appreciate your thoughts and opinions. D posts Clear We Are The Music Makers Forums General Discussion watmm Featured Artists Autechre Forum Rules Community Forum Software by ard. I think itapos, very interesing, itapos, and the track is great as well. Tri repetae, cardboardgate, cheers Rob, as well enable us to add new features and enhancements and maintain them.

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Sean and Rob on, watmm!, page 104

Any opinons.And life hehe #7.I'm eagerly awaiting that report!Double zero or double infinity?